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Updated: Mar 30, 2021

Compelling Reasons Why Thailand Market is Favorable to Foreign Investors


Located in the heart of Southeast Asia and the only country in the region that was not colonized, Thailand has served as a business hub for centuries as it is strategically located among its neighboring countries and its property market reaps huge reward from this strategic placement on the map. The country enjoys convenient and beneficial trading opportunities with India, China, Japan, Malaysia, and other members of the ASEAN as well as other countries in the world such as the US and Europe. This helps Thailand expand its business ties, grow an economy, and provide better investment opportunities to foreign investors.

Full Support from the Thai Government

One of the driving forces which played an important role in the surge of the economy is tourism with a recorded tourist arrival to the country last 2019 at 39.80 million with Bangkok as the most heavily visited tourist city on the planet (beating out Paris and London in Mastercard’s latest survey) and other driving forces are manufacturing and exports of electronics and vehicles. With the steady growth of its economy, which has continued for about three decades, transforming Thailand into one of Asia’s most dynamic countries, naturally, this overall economic success extends to the Thailand property market too and the government is welcoming foreigners to invest in the Thai economy. Through the Board of Investment (BOI), the government is offering various tax incentives schemes to its investors.


Thailand has an abundant and plentiful of natural resources, improved IT networks, a skilled workforce, modern transportation, and communication facilities. All these provide the best of business and living conditions and these infrastructures and amenities are one vital reason why tourists and investors flock to Thailand.

FDI Policies and Investments

Foreign direct investment plays a major role in Thailand’s economic development and is beneficial for both the government and investors. Investments done in the fields of skill development, technology, and innovation


Thailand is one of the founding members of the ASEAN group and a key developer of the ASEAN Free Trade Association (AFTA) which aims to reduce the import duties to zero. Thus, it is correctly said that Thailand promotes free and fair trade which is a great opportunity for foreign investors.

Safe and Protected

Recognizing and respecting the international rules like the Paris Convention, the Patent Cooperation Treaty, etc.; Thailand government has worked towards protecting the global brands registered in its count.

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