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City Plan and Zoning by Color Codes

Before buying a lot to build a factory, it would be wise to study the city plan beforehand to check in which zone the lot, which the customers wish to purchase, is in.

City plan is the plan created by Department of Public Works and Town and Country Planning to control the use of the land and the living of the residents. Urban planning includes both master plan and specific plan. Master plan is diagrams, principles, projects, and policies as guidelines to develop and maintain the city or town regarding the plans and that the lot could be well used for properties, transportations, public utilities, public services, and environments. Specific plan is diagrams and projects to develop or preserve specific areas or related business in the city and town for the benefits of urban planning.

In the city plan, the lots in each area are divided and categorized by land-use plans or the land use zoning plan, which is zoned by various colors. The land use zoning plan is attached at the end of Urban Plan Law to display color coding in various land-uses. The policies and the land use zoning plans are different in each province. The color and the use of the lot or the area could be found beside the master plan.

Land-use is categorized into 13 types, as follows;

Yellow : Low-Density Residential Area

Orange : Middle Density Residential Area

Brown : High Density Residential Area

Red : Commercial Area

Purple : Industrial Area

Lilac : Warehouse Area

Violet : Particular Industrial Area

Green : Rural and Agricultural Area

Olive : Green Educational Institutions Area

White with Green : Diagonal Rural and Agricultural Conservation Area

Light Brown : Thai Art and Cultural Conservation Area

Gray : Religious Institutions Area

Blue : Government Institutes, Public Utilities, and Amenities Area

The land use zoning plan is very important. The adjacent lot or area could be much different in prices when it belongs to different land uses.

Details and exceptions of land use are various in each area. Regarding using the lot for factory construction, investigating and consult the licensors are recommended to properly make the most use of the lot without breaking any regulations.

If you’d like to know where your property of interest stands on the Bangkok city plan, head on to

Picture: From the City Planning Department, Bangkok


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