"Some Thai Real estate vocabulary you need to know before you buy one" Part One by AARE

“Rai”, “Ngaan”, “Talangwah” - You might have heard or read those words when you are surfing around in Thai real estate websites as those are three major land measurements used but what do they all mean? and how to convert them to international standard measurements. “ ไร่”, pronounced [râj] is a unit of area. How do you measure “Rai”? 1 rai equals to ; 1,600 square meters, 16 are , 0.16 hectares , 0.3954 acres , 4 ngaan , 400 talangwah. “ งาน”, pronounced [Ngân

How interior design is reshaping real estate

If you’re looking for a marker of how closely intertwined real estate and interior design have become over the last two decades, watch the 1988 movie Big. There’s a scene in which Tom Hanks—playing a 12-year-old boy who has been zapped into a man’s body—checks out an empty shell of a SoHo loft for rent. (Spoiler alert: He snaps it up, and fills it with toys.) If the movie were made today, much would be different. For one, it’d be Ryan Reynolds instead of Hanks. For another, h

Feng Shui Home Tips 2021: What is feng shui, how is it applied?

Feng Shui Home Tips 2021: What is feng shui, how is it applied? Feng shui decoration guide: Feng shui living room, bedroom, kitchen & garden ideas. Beyond being a popular word for home decor, feng shui is a great and practical way to attract positive energy into your home. You should definitely try feng shui home tips to create a happy, healthy and peaceful environment by filling your home with life energy and to add healing to your life ! Your home is your reflection. A

Investing in Thailand - which sectors to invest in?

Investing in Thailand - which sectors to invest in? The new investment policies encourage foreign investors for sustaining economic growth. The new framework comprises of a blend of merit and non-tax incentives, elimination of zoning limitations applicable to foreign investors, and other benefits. The application of these new investment policies will have a positive result over investment choices for Foreigners. All of these new policies intended to promote investment opportu

Investment opportunities in Thailand

With an industrialized and developing economy, there are many business opportunities in Thailand for foreign investors. The country is experiencing robust growth, supported by public investment, foreign demand, and domestic consumption, with a rapidly growing population and exports. Also, Thailand’s economy is the second-largest next to Indonesia in terms of GDP, in the southeast Asian Region. The country is one of the best options for investors, as it provides a skilled work

Is it worth investing in Thailand in 2021?

Thailand is regularly cited as an example of how countries should have reacted to containing the coronavirus outbreak. It managed the coronavirus outbreak at the early stage ensuring the safety of its citizens. But Thailand did pray a heavy price for it too. 20% of Thailand’s GDP is accounted for by the tourism industry. With the pandemic hitting really bad at the global level, the Thai economy was majorly hit. But Thailand is all set to recover from its earlier losses. Thai

Amazon To Invest $2B In Affordable Housing In Its Biggest Employment Markets

One of the most sought-after office employers in the U.S. has taken a step toward recognizing a negative side effect of its job creation. Amazon has announced a pledge of $2B toward the creation and preservation of affordable housing in its home city of Seattle, the location of its second headquarters in Arlington, Virginia, and the home of its "National Operations Center of Excellence" in Nashville, Tennessee, the Wall Street Journal reports. Amazon will distribute the large