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Investing in Thailand - which sectors to invest in?

Updated: Mar 30, 2021

Investing in Thailand - which sectors to invest in?

The new investment policies encourage foreign investors for sustaining economic growth. The new framework comprises of a blend of merit and non-tax incentives, elimination of zoning limitations applicable to foreign investors, and other benefits. The application of these new investment policies will have a positive result over investment choices for Foreigners. All of these new policies intended to promote investment opportunities for restructuring the Thai economy. It is believed that the investment policy will enable the following investment opportunities in Thailand for Foreigners. Opening a business in Thailand is the best way to earn professional respect and enjoy the premium business lifestyle in the Kingdom. Thailand has abundant agricultural and natural resources, like rice, timber, and precious and semi-precious stones. Industrial, jewelry, textile, and processed foods production are also some of the growing business segments which make a significant contribution to GDP. To learn more, please check out our article on Top 10 Reasons to start a business in Thailand Investments in Property Most of the Foreigners visiting Thailand, staying in the country for some time develop an interest in owning a home, be it a condominium, an apartment, or a landed house. Furthermore, since owning a home is common in these countries, Foreigners coming from countries like the United States, UK, and Europe wish to buy landed home in Thailand. Hence, investing in property markets or real estate is considered a wise decision. There are many reasons to invest in real estate in Thailand: The property prices are very attractive, and the property owners can anticipate higher rental incomes as compared to most of the other countries. There is no tax on property and no tax on inheritance. Further, the country does not have any confiscatory taxes on assets. An investor can expect a minimum return on investment of 6 percent to 8 percent and capital appreciation of 5 percent to 10 percent a year. Thailand offers hassle-free and straightforward procedures for buying a property.

Foreign residents are not eligible to own land in the country, however, owning a freehold flat by a foreign national is permitted. Also, a foreign national is allowed to invest in a leasehold property and usually, the tenure is for 30 years and is renewable.

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