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Feng Shui Home Tips 2021: What is feng shui, how is it applied?

Updated: Feb 27, 2021

Feng Shui Home Tips 2021: What is feng shui, how is it applied? Feng shui decoration guide: Feng shui living room, bedroom, kitchen & garden ideas.

Beyond being a popular word for home decor, feng shui is a great and practical way to attract positive energy into your home. You should definitely try feng shui home tips to create a happy, healthy and peaceful environment by filling your home with life energy and to add healing to your life ! Your home is your reflection. According to feng shui, shortages and excesses, neglected items and negative symbols in a house are reflected in the lives of those living in that house. Feng shui does not require complete renovation of a home. With small changes that affect your daily life, we can ensure that our homes develop with feng shui. In this article, we have shared a feng shui home tips that will guide you to achieve balance in your living and working space and maximize your potential for success in all areas of your life .

Feng shui is an ancient Chinese philosophy for creating a balance between the natural world in our living space (home, office, etc.) by using decoration and design. Feng shui philosophy is based on ” Chi”, which is the life energy that connects all living things in the universe. It is not a decoration style, it is a discipline compatible with many decoration styles. It is believed that the arrangement of living spaces in accordance with the existential characteristics of human beings will bring health, happiness and wealth. In short, we can say that with the feng shui home tips, you can increase your quality of life by ensuring the energy flows comfortably in your home.

It can be difficult to decide where and how to start correctly have good feng shui in your home. In this article, we shared some basic rules to start your journey towards a happier and healthier home. Here are feng shui home tips & decoration guide for each room at your home.

Feng Shui Home Tips & Decoration Guide 1. Entrance Door

The entrance door is very important. The entrance door to your home must be in perfect condition, because the exterior door represents the wealth. Also, energy enters your home from entrance door. You can think of Chi (life energy) as a visitor who is trying to find your home. Make sure that your entrance door is easy to be found and your address is visible. Place a beautiful plant to attract energy on your front door and light up both sides of the door.

2. Entry Hall & Hallway The entrance hall represents how energy enters to your home and life. Therefore, entry hall and hallway decoration should be your starting point to create good feng shui in your home. Entry halls tend to get dirty easily. First of all, you should be sure that this area is tidy and clean. Place your coats and shoes into a closed closet so that the energy flow is not interrupted. You should regularly sweep and wipe this area and clean from the dust the surrounding items. Don’t forget to wipe the exterior door as well and clean the mat. Secondly, you should make this area more inviting and fresh by renovating the entrance hall decoration or with minor changes. You have to create a place where the energy that enters your home is collected and distributed throughout the house. Another important issue in feng shui home tips; you should not walk directly towards a wall while moving in an hallway and entry hall. This symbolizes that you are constantly facing obstacles in your life. As a solution, you can use a mirror at these points. While hanging the mirror, you can make a wish to expand the opportunities in your life and remove your borders. Finally, don’t forget to light it up enough.

3. Feng Shui Living Room Tips This space symbolizes opportunities for feng shui living room decoration. You should keep your room organized for new opportunities and energy flow. To increase the life energy of the living room decoration you can add a beautiful mirror and fresh flowers into your living room. Freash flowers instantly increase the energy of a space. Also, make sure that the living room furniture is proportional to the space. Do not block the doorway with furniture and do not lean the main sofa against the wall. To activate the energy of wealth, place a lamp in the corner of the hall, diagonally opposite the living room door.

4. Feng Shui Bedroom Tips There are some rules when decorating a feng shui bedroom. First of all, bedrooms should be in light neutral colors for a restful deeply sleep. Beds should have a headboard which should be placed against a solid wall. Ideally, the bed should not be in line with the bedroom door. It should be placed in a way that would let you to see the door. Nightstands should be placed on both sides of the bed to provide support . To add a little romantic energy, a curvilinear shaped lampshade and light scented candles can be added on the nightstands. 5. Feng Shui Kitchen Tips According to feng shui home tips, the kitchen is a very important area for those living in the house, as it represents nutrition and relationship harmony. Sink and stove should not in opposite to each other. Because being face to face of these, would cause fire and water conflict, which can lead to arguments between couples. The colors used in the kitchen are another important issue. You should avoid using too much black and red in the kitchen. This also causes fire and water conflict.

The location of the stove is very important for nutrition of home residents. Your stove should not be opposite the kitchen or entrance door and should not be under the window. Two countertops are not recommended in terms of both usage and energy conflict. Ideal use is to create a ‘kitchen triangle’ between the refrigerator, sink and stove. In terms of energy, the fire (stove) directly opposite the water (sink) represents the conflict in the house. Simply water puts out the fire. If you already have a kitchen layout, then just put a piece of wood between the sink and the stove instead of renovating. Water feeds the wood and wood feeds fire. Thus, it provides the transition between two opposite energies. Instead of wood, you can also use green, the color that represents wood. 6. Dining Room Ideas The dining room or dining table has an important place in feng shui home decoration as it provides a place to focus on what you eat. So the food court is thought to be associated with the earth element associated with digestion in traditional Chinese medicine. To upgrade the energy in this space, you can put a large mirror reflecting the dining table on the wall and use fresh flowers on the table.

7. Feng Shui Bathroom Tips According to feng shui home tips, the door of the bathroom should always be kept closed at all times. In addition, the toilet should always be clean and its cover must be closed. This is the area where wealth is evacuated. For this reason, keep live plants in your bathroom. Even if you have a bathroom without sunlight, you can put live flowers into a vase. Because, the flowers in the vase hold the water and slow the flow of the money. 8. Feng Shui Garden Tips The garden in front of your home represents your future, so keep it beautiful at all times. Plant trees, plant beautiful flowers, keep them organized and well-kept. Your backyard represents the health and well-being of the residents. Likewise, make this place beautiful and well-kept. The borders (fences and walls) in the garden are important elements as they provide support for those living inside.

We hope the feng shui home tips has inspired you to renew your home and life. Don’t forget to visit our Interior Design and Decoration pages for inspiration on different topics related to your home!

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